A modern convention center combined with historic Kurhaus. In the north of Frankfurt with excellent connections to freeway and public transport.

Vielfältig nutzbar, individuell skalierbare Raumnutzungen für Veranstaltungen verschiedener Größenordnungen – alles mit modernster Infrastruktur.

Impressive: ten-meter ceiling height in Großer Saal.
Inspiring: View of historic Kurpark and the Nidda from all foyer areas.
Relaxing: 180 rooms in the newly built and directly connected Dorint Park Hotel allow meetings and living in one place.
Comfortable: 350 parking spaces in the underground garage of the VILCO ensure a comfortable arrival and departure.

So then: Arrive. Experience. Spend the night. In a quiet place and in the heart of the Rhine-Main region. The Frankfurt metropolitan region now has one more extremely attractive event location.

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Key facts
Stadthalle Bad Vilbel Gebäudeplan
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VILCO. In the park.
The Bad Vilbel spa park has always been an exceptional place. It stretches through the entire city area along the Nidda River with wide lawns and a proud, old stand of native tree species. Healing and drinking fountains are at home here and form the center of Bad Vilbel, the city of springs. Refreshingly self-confident. And right in the middle of it all, the "VILCO" congress center - a piece of the new soul of the city's culture.

VILCO. In the center.
Unique. In the middle of the park. In the small town. In the metropolis. In the Rhine-Main area. Piece by piece, the VILCO draws its circles a little larger. Excellent accessibility. Parking spaces in the underground garage. 180 room units in the adjacent Dorint hotel complex. Arrive. Experience. Spend the night. In a quiet place and in the middle of the whole world. As we said: Unique.


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History of the building

Built in 1927 and 1928 by citizens of Bad Vilbel, the Kurhaus Bad Vilbel has always been a central meeting place and venue for local and regional events. As early as 1932, the Kurhaus received an addition for a community spa. Just over 90 years later, an era of family celebrations, ballet performances, carnival sessions, artists' markets, concerts and political events is coming to an end at the Kurhaus in 2018.
The city Bad Vilbel is growing rapidly and can host national and international events due to its direct connection to the Frankfurt / Rhine-Main metropolitan region. Therefore, the city is starting a new era in 2018: The Kurhaus will be closed, the indoor public bath will be demolished and the extensive renovation work around the Kurhaus and the new construction of the modern congress center VILCO will start. VILCO and the Kurhaus will host of a wide variety of event formats from 2023 onwards, thus ensuring a further enhancement of Bad Vilbel.


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